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Ever puzzled what all the hoopla around Rapidshare’ all about? – a glance at the world’ largest 1-Click file sharing solution.

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Before I introduce you to Rapidshare, here could be a short outline of the history of 1-Click webhosters.

Back in 2006 there was a fast flood of what are popularly recognize as 1-Click File Hosting websites. The term comes from the simplicity of the transfer method offered by the revered sites. As hostile victimisation difficult FTP computer code users are ready to simply find files from their HDD or just drag-and-drop them directly into their favorite browser. at the moment with a mere click of a button their files begin uploading while not more interaction. when the files are uploaded the user is given a transfer link that they’ll share with their friends.

Since then loads of 1-Click webhosters have emerged except for one reason or another failing and eventually were place out of business. one amongst the few successors within the business is Rapidshare©

Rapidshare© could be a premium one-Click webhosting resolution based mostly in Germany. Over time they need exaggerated the fixed disk and web information measure capacities of their datacenters to eventually reached, as of today, one hundred forty Gigabit/s internet property and therefore the whooping 3.5 Petabytes (1 computer memory unit = one thousand terabytes = 1 000 000 gigabytes) of storage space. the actual fact that Rapidshare© is variety eleven consistent with the Alexa traffic watching and ranking web site speaks for itself of however common and widely-used Rapidshare©’ service is.

This concludes the article on Rapidshare – one amongst the most important players within the extremely competitive file sharing business.