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Backlink Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some additional strategies that may help or hurt your site when planning your backlinking strategy and why:

Examine your own backlinks and those of others The competition
Sign up just go to any of the major search engines and enter specific search terms to get information about your own or your competitor’s backlinks. It’s like spying on online businesses.

• Offer RSS feeds
If you offer an RSS feed for content on your site to people who are searching for content, they will automatically link to you.

Make Press Releases
When you have notable news, you can write a press release and send it to the sites that publish new announcements.

No Backlink Bombing
If you have more than one site (and start placing related reciprocal links for all your sites in one massive bombardment), Google will penalize you.

Add content to popular social networking sites like YouTube or Facebook with a backlink to your site. If your content goes viral, you may get a lot of quality links coming back to your site.

• More, more, more
The more backlinks you get the better, so work on your backlink strategy forever, not just when you launch your new website. One of the quickest ways for search engines to know that your backlinks are legit is when you have a huge spike in backlink building activity right when your website starts and then immediately stops in the near future.

In order to show natural growth and look like a really important website in your niche, you need to continually build your backlinks throughout the life of your website. This is not a part time job unless you want to make money on the side, spend time continually building your backlinks, your website will show up in the search engines quicker than you can imagine.