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Top 5 residential locations in Kumbakonam

Kumbakonam is famous for handicrafts, antique items, clay pots, textiles and ancient temples. Of late, this temple city is seeing massive transformation. Brand new shopping malls, showrooms and shops are transforming the looks of this old city.

Reputed construction firms and plot promoters are selling hot properties in fastest growing locations like Annalagraharam, Thirubhuvanam, and Sakkottai. The fact checks made recently by leading market research firms reveal a startling information that Kumbakonam will become one of the best residential localities in the future.
Are you in the verge of retirement? If your answer is yes, you must buy plots from M/s Sujatha Developers. Investment in Kumbakonam is a wise decision in this volatile economic scenario. M/s Sujatha Developers has sold plenty of DTCP approved plots in the following localities.

  • Sakkottai
  • Annalagraharam
  • Thirbhuvanam
  • Darasuram
  • Thirunageswaram

All these locations are few kilometers from premium education institutions, bus stand, railway station and mahamaham tank. Plots in Kumbakonam is the best thing you can do now since the market prices of plots are increasing. The plots promoted in Crescent Avenue, Narayani, and Thirubhuvanam by the leading plot promoters have state-of-the-art infrastructure.
You can construct an individual home and live in it happy for years. This firm follows transparent policies.

What to consider while buying land for you?

In today’s world, there will be a huge gain in the housing market. You
will have plenty of options that are good for your investments. People
always consider land as a good investment as they always have high
returns when you sell it. Simply we can say it is a smart investment
with huge profits that can have the ability to make you rich in the
A property with good value in a perfect location will attract many
people to buy that property. Plots in Kumbakonam for sale will be
available on the Sujatha real estate website. Before you buy land for
you consider its location as the priority. The land will be worth
buying if it meets some considerations like the availability of basic
amenities and other services. Selecting a place with nobody around is
a good location to live.
Buying Houses in Kumbakonam for sale will be the right option only if
you do proper research before investing a huge amount in it.
Accessible to essential services like markets, hospitals, and other
basic services like electricity supply, water supply, etc. Long-distance
availability of land will cause increased fuel consumption and it will
cause tough times during emergencies. When you are buying
appropriate plots for sale consider the soil type as a priority. This will
be a quality check for your activities.

Are residential plots best invest option?

Kumbakonam which has rich history and traditions is becoming a commercial hub. People from other parts of India are migrating to Kumbkonam and settling peacefully with their family members. There are plenty of ancient temples in and around Kumbakonam  which sees tourist activities throughout the year.

You can live a stress-free life in flourishing locations like Crescent and Shubhmangala Avenue in the city of Kumbakonam. The major industries in Kumbakonam produce silk clothes, sugar, rice, vessels, brass and copper items. It encourages local and international tourism.

You can find plenty of engineering firms in SIDCO industrial and SEZs. The DTCP approved Land in Kumbakonam is less expensive than modern luxurious apartments. If you are planning to buy an expansive Land in Kumbakonam, you should approach a reputed real estate firm that promotes DTCP approved plots in and around the city.

The cost of living in Kumbakonam is cheaper compared to other major cities. This makes Kumbakonam unique in all respects.  Major source of income comes through Agriculture, Tourism and Engineering industries.

Real estate business is flourishing in and around the city. The government is taking initiatives to make the city clean and tidy. The municipality is also planning to upgrade Kumbakanom as ‘Smart City’ in future.

Is buying a DTCP approved plots wise decision?

Buying DTCP approved plots in 2022 is a good idea since the market value of properties in and around Kumbakonam has increased ten folds in the last few years. Investment in Kumbakonam is not a bad decision but planning is important when it comes to buying plots.

Location, transportation facilities, distance from the city and water supply plays a vital role. You should identify a place where there is consistent water supply, electricity, educational institutions and commercial establishments.  Don’t invest in unapproved plots since you may face lots of legal challenges in future. Buy a DTCP approved residential plots in fastest growing locations.

Investment in Kumbakonam  is a fantastic thought since it is one of the best places to live happily with your family members. There is huge demand for approved plots in Kumbakonam and the sales is picking up gradually in the city of Kumbakonam.

The benefits of buying DTCP approved plots in Kumbakonam are listed below.

  • Pollution and congestion free city.
  • Quick appreciation of property value.
  • Safe and secured investment
  • Close to major urban cities
  • Serene Atmosphere and guaranteed huge returns on investment.

A vacant land is a long-term asset. You must possess one of the DTCP approved plots in Kumbakonam and become a proud owner of them.

Why should you buy east facing plots in Kumbakonam?

The market price of vacant DTCP approved residential Lands in Kumbakonam have seen steep increase in the recent months. If you are planning to buy DTCP approved residential Lands in Kumbakonam, you should take into account some of the important factors listed below.

  • Location, topography and soil texture.
  • Reputation, knowledge and experience levels of real estate developers and agents.
  • Approval letters given by the government.
  • Inspection of land documents like sale deed, ownership deed, power of attorney, and EC.
  • Survey and land inspectors report.

You should inspect the plots physically and decide the next course of action. Never pay cash-in-advance or down payment before inspecting all the land documents, files and records.

You will start seeing career growth and raise in income when you buy east facing plots. Vaasthusastra states that east facing plots brings good health and positivity. You will not struggle for money, quarrel or fight with others and face challenge in life when you buy an easy facing plot. East is the direction where goddess mahalakshmidwells permanently. You will become wealthier when you buy east facing plots. You will live longer life when you buy east facing plots.

What do you need to know before investing in a residential plot?

Home is a place where you feel relaxed and rest in calm without any disturbances. Investing in a plot is still a dream for many people. Investment can require groundwork before you invest in it. Read here for some important things before investing in Lands in Kumbakonam. The first thing you should do is confirm the originality of the property with the help of your lawyer. If it has multiple owners, then make sure that all are present while making the sale.

Verify land-related documents:

Since several documents are needed to collect and authenticate before you invest. In addition to this ask your seller for parent documents and collect other important paperwork and related certificate. Check with your legal lawyer regarding all of your documents before investing in lands in Kumbakonam. Please make sure that the plot is not agricultural land and reserved land area.

Check the land approvals:

Know more about the approvals that the land has in the past you should not completely rely on the bank for the approvals. You can also cross-check with the relevant city development corporation for more reliability and avoid trust issues.

Check for connecting roads

The last thing is to look into the accessibility of the land through connecting roads and also make sure whether the roads are under the control of the local body.