Points to consider while choosing period underwear

Every girl needs special care and concern during her periods. Since it is a crucial part of a girl every month and it is essential to use period underwear to feel safe during periods and confident to go out without any fear. There are different types of layers made in reusable period underwear for our comfort. The first layer will be the moisture-wicking layer which is responsible for keeping your clothes away from strain and will help you feel dry and clean during your period cycle.

The second layer will be the soft terry layer this layer will be responsible for the prevention of bacterial entry during the discharge which ultimately helps you to stay away from the rashes and obviously from bad odour. The third layer in reusable period underwear will be the PU coated layer which is specially designed to give leakproof security to you during your heavy flow days.

The last layer will be the natural fabric layer which ensures you the non-mixing of synthetic fabrics that causes you harm. These layers are usually light in weight and are designed like breathable that is they have lots of gaps for the air to pass through and they are made with extra soft materials which make you feel like a feather during your tough days.