Why should you choose hotel apartment in Dubai?

Hotel rooms in Dubai are luxurious, clean and healthier. But the guests cannot drink liquors or smoke cigarettes inside the room. Reputed hotels and lodges in Dubai impose following restrictions to their customers.

  • Liquors and cigarette smoking is prohibited inside the hotel.
  • Visitors or guests not allowed beyond certain hours.
  • Loitering or hosting parties inside the hotel zone prohibited.

You cannot find these types of restrictions or prohibitions in reputed hotel apartment in Dubai. The guests staying in luxurious service apartments are permitted to smoke, drink and host varieties of parties in the party hall.

You may have private cabins or rooms in service apartments where you can host office seminars or online conferences hassle free in service apartments. The holiday homes are airier and breezier than hotels and lodges. You can sit in your private balcony space and watch the outside activities.

The holiday homes have sophisticated bathrooms and restrooms. You can use varieties of complimentary cosmetic products stored inside the bathrooms and come out of them with happy mindset. You can order foods, liquors and beverages through room service staffs or through in-house restaurant staffs. No one will disturb or trespass during you short or long stay in hotel apartment in dubai.